Words to Describe Yourself

Words to Describe Yourself


We all know ourselves inside out, but when we are asked to describe ourselves, we sometimes don't know what to say. Choosing the right words to describe yourself is very important, and this article will help you do just that.
In the world today, there are many platforms where you might have to describe yourself in just a few words. Whether it is a facebook profile, any other social networking site or a job interview, you will be asked to describe yourself in a few words on many occasions. The idea here is to be original and creative, and not give the same old run of the mill answers that everyone else gives. You need to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and using some creative words to do it, is a way that is sure to succeed.

Everyone knows that you need to focus on the positive aspects of your personality here. When someone asks you to describe yourself you are not going to tell them that you are a lazy slob who oversleeps and sneers at everyone else (even if it is true), what people want to hear is how you're the epitome of tidiness and idealism, and how everything you touch turns to gold. In short, you need to sugarcoat everything that you say.

Now, this is a slightly cynical way of looking at things, but let's see some brief overviews about what you can say when someone asks you to describe yourself in a few words.

Answer # 1: I am a vivacious and vibrant person who brings joy to every room that I lay foot in. Wherever I travel, exuberance follows, and I want nothing more than to be the sole cause of unlimited joy in everyone's life.

Answer # 2: I am an idealistic philanderer and nothing pleases me more than being part of a mutually beneficial productive circle, where my undoubted skills are an asset for everyone on a whole.

Answer # 3: I am an adaptable and adventurous individual who takes great pride in my ability to work in a team and motivate all those around me to offer their best in order to meet common objectives.

All these lines sound very pleasing and attractive, but if you read between the lines you may find that answer # 1 implies that the individual always wants to be the center of attention, answer # 2 points out that the individual will always try and strike a bargain with someone else, and answer # 3 shows that the individual will steal credit for someone else's hard work. As I mentioned, this may be slightly cynical for some to follow.

Describe Yourself with These Words

Anyway, when you are describing yourself you need to focus on your strengths and your abilities, rather than your flaws and weaknesses, and you need to be strong willed and display confidence when someone questions you about them. When you are choosing these words, to describe yourself on a resume you must talk about your team skills, and how you can work in a different environment even when you are under pressure and stress. The point is to convince the potential recruiter that you would fit in well with the organization, and would not be a disruptive influence.

Interviews are another place where one is often asked for words to describe themselves. You need to be tactful and diplomatic in such a situation and choose your words very carefully. While in an interview, you need to use words that talk about how you can prove to be an asset and what qualities you can bring to the table. Everyone likes positive and enthusiastic people, and if they see these qualities in you, they will certainly hire you.

On social networking websites, these words need to be fun and whacky, and should be as original as possible. Come up with an innovative description of yourself that highlights the fact that you just like to have fun. Talk about your interests briefly, because let's face it, everyone like listening to music and watching movies. Be original and be creative, or else you'll merely be another brick in the wall.

Think carefully about the words that you choose, because these words will define you and stick with you for a while. Assess the situation that you find yourself in, and add a touch of humor accordingly.